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About Flowers Green Plants

The nursery was originally established as a market garden in 1958 , by Roger and Ursula Surrage, producing soft fruit and vegetables. Inside the old packing shed, remains a battery of 'FIRST PRIZE' cards from local agricultural shows, for the excellent produce grown here. Today the nursery is owned and proudly run by Roger and Ursula's son Robert.

Slowly but surely, the demand for local English fruit and vegetables waned. Demand for decorative plants grew, and continues to do so, along with the range of plants we offer, and the area under glass and polythene which now stands at 3000 square metres.

Today we produce well over:
100 varieties of herbs and vegetable plants
100 types of bedding and patio plants
70 different border and rockery perennials,
alongside hanging baskets and patio pots, not to mention pumpkins!

Year on year out Christmas gets bigger at Flowers Green Plants - this year we shall be growing 5000 hyacinths, 23,000 cyclamen (all the while keeping an eye on 70,000 primroses and pansies!), and hope to increase on last years total of 1000 handmade holly wreathes.

We welcome the general public from Monday to Saturday, as well as enquiries from garden centres, shops, landscapers, Town Councils etc. Our retail catalogues are viewable on this website or can be sent to you. Email or call us if you would like one sent to your address.

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